[SOLVED] New API, Token problem

I have added folowing API to HttpAPILogic.java:

public Response getDateNoToken() {

    String pattern = "dd.MM.yyyy";
    String dateString = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern).format(new Date());

    return ok(dateString);


For this API I don’t need Token. I just want to receive date from server. In version 0.23.1 this worked.

In version 0.25.4 I get response:

“No token provided.”

How can I get this to work?


@ttss82 HttpAPILogic extends TokenBaseHttpHandler that requires token. So I wonder how it was working before. You need to create separate handler for that or you may reuse ResetPasswordLogic to minimize work for that. Also have in mind that in future versions this classes will be removed :wink:.

This is from version 0.23.1:

So, no extension in this version.

Correct. This API structure was refactored. I didn’t expect someone was using it :slight_smile:.

Thanks Dmitriy, I’ve reused ResetPasswordLogic.