[SOLVED] Mega or Nano +ESP8266 01 or ESP8266 12 Resetting, Unstable, Oscillating, Lost connection

Dear People!

Some topics here about this case and several ideias, but none solve my problem with lost connection sometimes, using ESP as Wifi Shield.

Then I tried using a good power supply, plug directly the power of arduino to ESP, and other things, but nothing solved.

Today, I tried using the ESP8266 as show the attached file, and worked very well, without lost connection, before all the times I was plug the GP100 and GP102 with 3.3V, and this cause the lost with connection.

Other thing that is essential is check all the wires to avoid bad contact, this is other thing that cause the lost connection.

Use a good power supply to solve the lost connection? By now I think this is not a problem that cause the lost connection, because I left 2 Arduino mega without Power Supply, using the USB cable to plug switched on by all the day and none issue happened, too left a Arduino Nano, with power supply 1A output 5 and 3.3 V and none issue happened too.

I hope that this can help some people here.



considering that diagram is the way to wire up a ESP-12 it is not surprising it worked!!!

or else am i missing something for the reason to your post? :confused:

There are some posts here about this, and then the people can be wrong as me. And about ESP has there are a lot information about use on the internet.

Some users trying to help about, talking to check, firmware version, Power Supply, Library version, and after check all this, the simple pin that I installed wrong, cause lost connection.

Maybe this can help other user.

for basic setup, the esp8266 website has this covered: