[SOLVED] Labeled Value M Widgets Disapear from App

I have the Android Mobile App updated to the current version, and have been playing with the “Labeled Value M” Widgets. When i add them to my project i get the following: “Error processing client command.”

After stopping and closing the app or doing a compile the widgets disappear from the project next time i open and start it.

I am running a local server but don’t thank that matters.

If I delete the widget then I get a message saying my server version is old. That may be the answer. …

Hello. You need to update local server to 0.15.2.

WARNING : Blynk is growing very quickly. And both apps and server constantly updated. In order to avoid problems during updates either turn off auto-update for Blynk app either update both local server and blynk app at same time to avoid possible migration issues.

I updated local server to 0.15.2 and it’s fixed now…