[SOLVED] Is there a way to have two LCD widgets?

I looked in the docs and in the community but could not solve my problem. How would I use the lcd.print command for a second LCD?


WidgetLCD lcd(V5);
WidgetLCD lcd(V16);

lcd.print(0,0,"Start Sweep 1   ");
lcd.print(0,1,"Before Eating    ");


WidgetLCD lcd1(V5);
WidgetLCD lcd2(V16);

lcd1.print(0,0,"Start Sweep 1   ");
lcd1.print(0,1,"Before Eating    ")

lcd2.print(0,0,"Start Sweep 1   ");
lcd2.print(0,1,"Before Eating    ")

That makes sense, let me try!

Worked. Thanks Fettkeewl!

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