[Solved] Is the Blynk server down?

Unable to connect to the Blynk server.

I have the correct SSID, Password and Auth Token.

Getting nothing but:

Connecting to cloud.blynk.cc:8442

Yes that server was retired 6 months ago.

Well that’s the server the Blynk.begin command is trying to connect to. I’m using the latest library.

So how do I fix this?

App version
iOS or Android
Library version
MCU details

In case you have in code “cloud.blynk.cc” you needto replace with “blynk-cloud.com” but it is better just to update library and start from regular sketch.

I was on the latest library (updated via the board’s manager) but still above error.

After completely deleting all Blynk libraries and reinstalling from scratch it works fine now. Obviously, the update via boards manager doesn’t work.

As per the docs all SIX libraries used by Blynk should be installed MANUALLY and it sensible to completely remove all 6 if you are doing an upgrade. Release v0.4.2 · blynkkk/blynk-library · GitHub