SOLVED: iOS slider sending 0-255 regardless of range set up in app

Hi there,

I’ve created a slider with a range 0-23 (to represent hours of the day.) However, my Particle hardware is returning 0-255 to the LCD widget I have in the same setup.



Hmm. Now one slider is sending correctly, the other sending the full 0-255 range.

I deleted the bad one and re-created it. Now, all is operating properly.

I’m curious what could have caused the error and how to avoid it.

Mmm. Hard to say what caused issue. Did you update app recently?

Have you enabled mapping for that slider (circle on line between min/max)? If yes, on digital pin it would send 0-255.

Aha! I see. That may have been the factor. The circle doesn’t read very well in the app interface and the docs only mention mapping in relation to incoming values, not outgoing.

Good to know and thanks!


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