[SOLVED] Intel Edison + Blynk problem

Hi blynk! I have a problem.
I am using Intel Edison and Blynk Wifi. I have created a local server on my edison and connects it to my router then of course my smartphone too, so they’re now in the same network. I am able to control on/off the relays connected to edison but only if I have not disconnected the usb cable to my laptop.
If I disconnected the usb after uploading the code, the sketch won’t work, and my smartphone blynk app always tells me that “Intel Edison is not connected” something like that, but if I connect again the usb cable to my laptop then upload the code back, it will work again.
Do you have any idea to solve this? here’s the code/sketch http://pastebin.com/2r9YmZXp
thank you smile emoticon

Do you have some power supply after disconnected USB?

Hi, yes i have an external power supply 12v 1A. I also tried the troubleshooting solution of rx and tx connected with 10k ohms resistor.

At the moment I have only 1 suggestion - something wrong with your power supply or wirings. Does your edison works without Blynk and without USB?

Hi, thank you for answering my questions. :smile: Yes it is working if I am not using Blynk library. Is it possible that my codes are wrong which makes it not to function whenever I disconnect the usb cable?

Please enable debug. And put output here. Code seems fine for me.

Hi sorry for the late reply. Problem is now solve, I have been in dialogue with Intel Technical Staff and troubleshoot the intel edison and it turns out that there is a problem with their latest firmware. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I’m happy it is not Blynk problem :wink:

Yeah, Thank you so much for your help Godspeed :slightly_smiling:

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