[SOLVED] How to disable echo with ESP8266 and Arduino Nano?

I’m creating my first project using Blynk and an Arduino Nano, yet have not been able to get past these messages:

[120] Blynk v0.3.4
[642] Connecting to *****
[1696] Failed to disable Echo

I am using software serial to debug and have the ESP connected to the hardware serial pins.
I’ve also made sure to flash the ESP to v0.22 firmware yet am still having no luck
Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can try?

I solved this checking all the wires, bad conection.

Check too the pins if are in the positions correctly.

If possible show your schematic.

All fixed! Turns out it was the voltage converter chip I was using to convert the logic from 5-3.3V. Once I switched to a potential divider all was good! Thanks for the help though!