[SOLVED] How avoid generating the stats.log and worker.log files?

I am using the Local Blynk Server
And my question is the following:
How can you completely avoid generating the stats.log and worker.log files on the local Blynk server?

Thanks in advance

There is no way to avoid this.

A work around would be writing a program that runs in the background and checks if theese files exist every 30s or so and delete them if it boughters you so :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe there are also different levels of verbosity and you can set it to the minimum amount of logging.

Okay Dimitri, understood and thank you.

On the other hand, the use I give to the local server is very basic, I do not use database, but since the files are being generated, what kind of information and analysis I could extract from these files and help me to optimize the server ?

I have observed that the records do not have a time reference.

Please, can you tell me how I could take advantage of these files, for now they only take up space on the hard disk

They will be useful if you start to notice any problems with your server, that is the essence of logs.

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@Costas correct. This files are used just for server monitoring. They are not necessary for local servers.

Understood, the log file that I see very useful is blynk.log, but until now, even when I have had problems, I have not found in the files stats.log and worker.log information to help me solve problems.

Thank you.

Just run a crontab every day to delete them. That way it won’t impact performance and you can always check logs for the previous day.

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can i just delete the log/archive folder?

mine is full with logs from 2017, 2018, 2019 etc…

Sure you can.

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