[Solved] HistoryGraph No data

Application reads two BME280 sensors. All data(Temp, Hum, Press) received and displayed OK in Value Display fields.
Temperature data from both sensors does not displays in History Graph.
But it does display in Graphs.
The acquisition and send procedures are absolutely the same for all data values. As follows from debug all data successfully sent to Blynk server.

The application before works fine for several months.

[10041] Ready (ping: 0ms).
[10042] <[11|00|01|00]Hver[00]0.3.10[00]h-beat[00]10[00]buff-in[00]256[00]dev[00]NodeMCU[00]build[00]Feb  1 2017 19:03:52[00]
[10193] <[10|00|02|00|00]
[10280] >[00|00|01|00]?
[10280] >[14|00|02|00|0C]
[10280] >vw[00]0[00]  26.36
[10281] >[14|00|02|00|0A]
[10281] >vw[00]1[00]14.18
[10281] >[14|00|02|00|0B]
[10283] >vw[00]2[00]762.46
[10286] >[14|00|02|00|0A]
[10288] >vw[00]3[00] 4.59
[10290] >[14|00|02|00|08]
[10293] >vw[00]4[00]-72
[10295] >[14|00|02|00|06]
[10297] >vw[00]7[00]1

Sample Interval set:1 min
[10327] <[14|00|03|00|0D]vw[00]11[00]  26.45
[10517] <[14|00|04|00|0A]vw[00]1[00]13.75
[10596] <[14|00|05|00|0B]vw[00]2[00]762.47
[10752] <[14|00|06|00|0C]vw[00]0[00]  26.45
[10841] <[14|00|07|00|0A]vw[00]3[00] 4.59
[10913] <[14|00|08|00|08]vw[00]4[00]-69

Hello. Look like you are sending spaces with numbers. You need to remove spaces in order to make it work.

We do not accept numbers with spaces as valid numbers anymore.

Thanks for answer, Dmitriy.
I could not understand how spaces could ocure in

		formattedFloat(tempMostAccurate[0], 2, buf);  // double tempMostAccurate;
		Blynk.virtualWrite(TEMP1, buf);

What force you to think so?

It work fine for a long time.

You can see this in your debug output. Spaces after [00].
Also recent similar issue - [Solved] My history graphs just stopped

Well, I corrected the output. Now it works.
But what I have to state out. Your SW is not free. We payed money for it. And it works for serious tasks.
I need to be sure that my Firmware will not stop work after your next update.
Or you force me periodically reflash all my devices?
Are you OK, Dmitriy?

Блин, хотя бы предупреждать надо!

probably not enough money for you to assume that is is perfect for performing:


regardless - i think you can solve the problem by not updating your app on your phone?

Yes and no. Local servers are fully free. In cloud service you pay for widgets and not for cloud. We provide cloud support fully free.

In that case you have to pay for support or get what you have now for free.

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