[SOLVED] History graph issues "not enough data to display"

I made a project so after some days The history graph say “not enough data to display” but i get values on display or gauge. So why?

On 1w mode (one week i get values so why?).

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Perhaps because you don’t have enough data for more than 1 week yet?

No i mean that i see values on gauge but no on history graph

So is this statement true or not?

The values yes but the time no

That makes no sense… as you pick each scale setting, you either see something on the graph, or you don’t… so “values yes, time no” is not translating :wink:

:flushed: i change my time and date mode of my phone to manual and again set it to automatic so now it is work​:thinking:

Well, I am glad one of us knows what is going on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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