[Solved] Help with LED in BLYNK App

Hello, how do I Blink LED Widget show the status of a pin on the Arduino Uno? High level or Low level?

Have you bothered to try any of the Blynk examples and if so what results did you get?

I tried, but I could not, the Widget LED LED 3 (V 3); can directly read the value of the pin? Or should first assign the value of the pin to a variable?

Paste in your formatted sketch and ensure it has plenty of comments so we can understand it.
The pins are virtual so Iā€™m not really sure what you mean about directly read the value of the pin.

Friend, as I did, I was trying here and put the value of the pin state in a Boolean variable and it worked!

define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
include SPI.h
include Ethernet.h
include BlynkSimpleEthernet.h

char auth[] = ā€œā€¦ā€;
WidgetLED led3(V3);
boolean estadoBotao;

void setup()
pinMode(7, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop()

estadoBotao = digitalRead(7);

if (estadoBotao == HIGH){led3.on();}


Glad you got it sorted but ensure sketches are formatted with the </> button as the one you posted leaves us guessing which libraries you are using.