[Solved] Help: Blynk Project is deleted / empty on iOS app

I use Blynk to monitor a water level sensor among other things; I checked my app a couple of days ago and all it says is “Create new project”. I logged out and back in, but to no avail.

Surprisingly the API for this is still returning PIN data, so I think it’s just an issue with the app.

What do I do?

I uninstalled the app, reinstalled, and voila it works!

Btw, Facebook login doesn’t seem to be working, it just opens a Facebook page that says “Confirm” as the title and the rest is empty…

Thanks for reporting. We will try to fix it soon.

I’ve just had something similar with Android app. My project has disappeared. It happened a few months ago too, and that time I ended up re-creating my project from scratch… which was very annoying.

So when it just happened again, I came on to forums to find a different solution this time, as I really don’t want to re-create my project a third time.

Will try deleting app, and see if my project comes back too, but before I do that, I thought I’d post in case you wanted any troubleshooting info before I nuked the app…

It could be http://docs.blynk.cc/#troubleshooting-geo-dns-problem in your case

@Dmitriy I got a new iphone today and this happened again! This time it’s not fixed with a reinstall… It just says “Create new project”!

Can you please help?

Also, your API now says “Invalid token.”. It was working fine till 2 days ago, till I replaced my iphone…

@Gopi_Aravind did you check the geo-dns link?

This is probably it; I’m out of country at the moment and it must be using another server. If we’re using geodns, one would expect the servers to be in sync :slight_smile:

@Gopi_Aravind send a PM to @Dmitriy with your email details and he will find out which server your account is on and provide you with an IP address for your app.

Blynk have a fix for geo-dns but it requires Blynkers to be using the latest libraries and until more of them switch it will break the system for more people than it will help.

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