[SOLVED] Heartbeat timeout on Arduino Mega based device

I’m using a controllino device (based on Arduino Mega2560, www.controllino.cc) with blynk.
The sketch runs perfectly until (in a random way) goes into error listed below:
[4360627] Heartbeat timeout
[4365479] Connecting to cloud.blynk.cc:8442
[4380504] Connecting to cloud.blynk.cc:8442

The system keeps trying to connect to blink server without success.
The issue happens after a few hours from start.
Any help?
Thank you

I just realized i used the old libraries (0.3.3) instead of the new one 0.3.4 (with the new cloud address).
New libraries on board and test running.

Problem solved using ver. 0.3.4 and using Ethernet libraries supplied with CONTROLLINO device. Everything works fine.

Cool. Glad is working now.