[Solved] Graph not drawing on instant spike


I think that the graph doesn’t recognize when you instantly send to it a HIGH (255) then LOW (0) with 1 second difference in between. There should be a spike but it continues to draw the HIGH.

I use the graph to monitor a led gadget, that is the reason i have 0 and 255 values on the graph.

11:30:47.961 TRACE- Incoming HardwareMessage{id=34645, command=Hardware, length=9, body='vw 11 255'}

11:30:48.929 TRACE- Incoming HardwareMessage{id=34647, command=Hardware, length=7, body='vw 11 0'}

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As per the docs the minimum interval is 1 minute, anything else is an average.
Blynk are working on a new graphing design.

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