[SOLVED] GRAPH ISSUE (infinite loading)

Hi all. After two days with everything working, today GRAPH WIDGET is in infinite loading. I’ve seen other topics about that but not explain how to solve. Could you help me?
Other issue is that second graph not resize and third I’ve taken is disappeared with his 400 point :(((


Hello. This issues seems like bad internet connection. Does other apps/browser works for you fine? Did you change your network recently?

Hi and thank you for you answer, ESP8266 is in my house with stable connection and sensor is simply DHT11, LIGHT and MOISTURE. But it was working fine. Since two hours graph is not working but sensor widgets work well

I mean your phone internet connection.

I’m in the same wifi network

Hi, I am having the same problem. Graph loading and loading. Other widgets working fine. Smartphone rebooted, arduino reset but nothing helped. Internet working fine for other devices. What is the problem?

Perfect! Your English is better than mine to explain the problem. Same problem for me since two hours

Should be fixed now.

YEEEEESSSS! thank you. Can we solve it without you or is a server problem?

This was due to high load on our servers. We have to extend our hardware :slight_smile:.

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Super, working now. Thank you Dimitri