[SOLVED] GPS module for Nodemcu wifi (with GPS Trigger widget)

Hi all. Can I connect gps module to nodemcu for gps trigger ?

GPS trigger (Widget) uses the phone’s GPS, not anything connected to the hardware.


If you have need for an on-device GPS, then you could send that data to the Apps Map widget, but any “triggering” based on LAT & LON would have to be written in code by you.

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thanks for reply. how can I connect gps module to arduino or nodemcu ? Is any sample sketch ?

Try Googling “GPS Arduino”.

So how to connect to blynk ?

The same way you connect all Arduino sketches to Blynk.

I need a complete example.

There is none in the Example Browser to offer you because it is not a Blynk specific situation, even the make/model of the GPS component will require differing libraries and sketch layouts…

So, just like @Costas said, find an Arduino sketch that works for your GPS module… it will most likely have a “final” output of the LAT and LON going to a print statement (or a LCD display). Confirm it works perfectly without Blynk, then start on the Blynkified format mods required (WiFi, Auth, Timers, etc), and simply output the LAT/LON data to a Display Widget or the Map Widget, etc.

It is at THIS point that we can be of assistance if you are having issues. And if that assistance is required, create a new topic as this one’s question has been answered.

Hope this helps.