[Solved] Eventor not working?

Eventor only works if App is open on Android 6.0.1 phone?
Notification settings hardware offline “on” priority “high”
Any help would be great!


Seems I get a beep but no notification pop-up, only if app is open

It could be your phone settings.

I looked at setting on the phone??? Should I get pop-up if phone is on, but blank screen??? How can I get an email notification???

@MadTom544 check power and wifi settings in your phone. A lot of users have wifi off when screen is off, ergo no notifications from the internet.

Use the email widget.

Ok, found out I had an App on my phone that I had to change setting! The way it works, I get a pop-up in the Blynk App if phone not sleeping and when you click OK it will clear, and I get a notification sound and a notifications text if I look on top of my phone screen. It looks like I have to add Blynk.notify(“xxxx”); or Blynk.email"my_email@example.com", “Subject”, “Your message goes here”); in my code.
Thanks for he help! I think Blynk is Great!

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