[SOLVED] Error . Reason Mismatch Sender Id (notifications not working on IOS & Local Server

really? on the apple-side its “just” creating a ceritificate to use the apple-push-service, or am i wrong?

LocalServer --> Apple-Push-Service --> IOS-Device

i am not shure what exactly is limited… but if i am not wrong blynk-localserver could hold the certificate like mdm-servers do, which are able to send apns… maybe thats an option?

I was simply pointing out that the answer already given was very recent. and thus not likely to change so quickly.

I leave the developing to the Developers… But if you are aware of legit ways through Apple limitations, then the Developers are welcoming any contributions.

shure. thanks for answering. i am just interested and want to understand. dont wanted to be ungrateful if you thought i am.
blynk is awesome! :raised_hands: thanks to all!

i hope and wait!:+1:

Yes, this is in our to-do list

There some work need to be done to support both cloud and local server notifications.