[Solved] Disabling Echo?

I’m having an issue on using ESP8266.
It says…
[19] Blynk v0.4.0 on Arduino Mega
[520] Connecting to SK_WiFiDDB7
[1530] Failed to disable Echo
I don’t get it. What does it mean?

Could be lots of things. I highly recommend ditching the Mega and get a Wemos Wifi board. The setup of Arduino with an ESP as shield is very frustrating, not worth the effort and can lead to complete “bonkers” failure. You either have the luck it works in one go or you don’t. If you don’t you better give up and find some alternatives.

The combination Arduino/ESP-as-shield is very unstable.

Well, Why am I doing this?
Because I don’t have a FTDI.

Then it’s gonna be even more difficult since you can’t troubleshoot the ESP. At this point you have no idea about the firmware version it’s running, the serial speed, if it even works at all and so on.

AT Version is
Baud is 9600.
It works, I’ve tried AT+GMR and some AT commands.
What’s left?

(btw I use an arduino mega so I can use the hard serial)
Should I use the HM-10? I have one of those, but I am concerned of the limits.

How is everything hooked up than? I don’t really understand your setup. I think the AT 0.40. is quite old, but I have no idea about version numbers of the ESP. Personally I think they have no idea what they are making in terms of software.


Also, I’ve looked at the ESP Serial, and It just loops


Do you have any sort of firewalls in between? It seems the ESP is working properly.

Between what? I think My router has no firewall.

can you do a telnet to blynk-cloud.com 8442 ? Does that open a connection, just from your computer?

I did telnet blynk-cloud.com 8442 and nothing happened. Is this normal?

btw, off topic, I can use the ESP-01 as a laser pointer.

Define “nothing”? Can you post a screen shot? It should break the connection really fast because you don’t do a handshake with auth token.

The CMD went full black, the window name changed to “telnet blynk-cloud.com”, and after a second or so, everything was back to normal.

Should I do AT+CIPSTART="TCP","blynk-cloud.com",8442 and see what happens?

EDIT: I tried it, and It just looks Okay. why does this happen?

Oh. I guess I’ve done the RX and TX the other way. It works now.

Lucky, that is the most common mistake :wink:

Me being like “WOOHOO!!!

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