[SOLVED] Couldnt download CSV file (from cloud server using range IP)

Hi all,

I couldn’t download the CSV file through the link address . The previous CSV file I’ve download through works well. Can someone figure out what happen? Thanks a lot. just resolves to http://www.blynk.cc/

But the IP range is for private networks… Are you referring to an address you have assigned for your own Local Server?

I’m not using local server though, this is the address I get when I tried to download CSV :confused:

OK, so you are clicking on the Export to CSV button, after left swipe on the History Graph Widget, and getting (or expecting) a file something like this (only from your account on Blynk’s Cloud Server… mine is a Local Server):***@gmail.com_5_v37.csv.gz

Or are you trying to acquire a different CSV file?

Yes, I’m doing so and getting a address like this***@gmail.com_2_v3.csv.gz
FYI, I’m using blynk cloud.

Hmmm… while I am no IT specialist, I am fairly certain that IP addresses in the range are not supposed to be accessible publicly over the internet… so something seems a bit squirrely here.

Sorry, but this is a bit out of my experiential realm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Time to call in Blynk’s favorite goto expert… @Dmitriy

its okay :wink:

Maybe reinstalling the app could fix it ? :smile:

Not so easy as that… it is the Cloud Server that is producing the IP, not the app. Probably just a residual issue from yesterday’s Cloud Server/App update issue. You know computers… they are so naughty and complex :wink:

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It’s not that easy nowadays since in 1993 they introduced CIDR instead of classfull IP ranges. In the end IANA distributes the Internet IP’s, but in theory the is indeed marked for private use.


Some providers use the 10.x.x.x range to setup the connection from their modems to the Internet. Because it’s a private IP the chances of someone hacking into a modem is minimised.

Thanks for reporting. Issue is fixed.

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