[SOLVED] Cannot log into iphone app

I have an iphone 6+, running ios 9.3.1. My Blynk app is version 2.3.

I am just trying to log into the iphone app. It knows my email address and I have requested to reset the password several times. It sends the reset link to my email account. I click it and go through the process and enter a password. Yet when I try to log in with that password I get the error: " Incorrect email or password. Try again."

I have completely closed out of the app several times. Yet it is always the same result.

@ashvetsov @Dmitriy , could you please take a look?


  • have you tried to re-install the app?
  • on the password screen - there is a server icon which opens a switch. Is it set to Blynk or to Custom?
  • are you able to perform ping blynk-cloud.com from your desktop or laptop? what’s the result?
  • have you tried restarting your wi-fi router?

We had a major update recently and there might be issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I still cannot log in.
I am able to ping blynk-cloud.com - 18ms round trip.
Not sure what you mean by the server icon. Here is a screen shot of the login screen:

Not sure why restarting my wifi router is in the troubleshooting tree and I would prefer not to do it, as that can mess up another system I have running.

This error tells that you are using wrong email/pass. You may reset it by clicking on “Forgot Password”.

I have already done that about 5 times.

So instead of logging in, I clicked on “create new account” and it let me do it using the same credentials. So somehow my account was not really valid? Anyway, I am in, so you can close this.

I think previously you just did a typo in login name. That’s why you was allowed to create “same” account that indead wasn’t same.

Closing topic.