[SOLVED] Blynk library (since 0.3.10 & Timeout Errors) prevents (Particle) electron over air updates

Any newer library than 0.3.10 with blynk will cause a time out error on particle electron when trying to do over the air firmware flash. Not sure what in the library is causing this, but it will prevent any remote firmware updates to devices in the field.

There have been 8 months and 7 Blynk Library updates since 0.3.10. I think if Blynk was the primary culprit then someone might have mentioned it a bit sooner.

A quick Google search on OTA timeout errors with a Particle Electron shows that it is a known issue (even without Blynk in the equation), generally due to poor coding that might be causing some blocking or something.

I recommend you get up to date with your IDE, Electron firmware (try Safe Mode) and Blynk libraries and then test a simple sketch. If that works then start troubleshooting your current sketch’s code (keeping in mind the various Blynk Library changes that have required some code changes, e.g. RTC, Blynk.begin() now blocks until server is connected, etc).

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I had an old blynk library running and decided to update. Ran into problems. I then ran blank code nothing except blynk and time out error. Comment out blynk and remove library works every time. Electron running newest release 6.2. Down graded blynk library one at a time until over the air flash worked.

This may be what I need to look into. Thanks

Have you been using the examples from the Skecth Builder? e.g.


As I said, there have been some changes in the libraries that requires coding changes, perhaps something needs to be added or modified to what your bare sketch contained?

Perhaps this?? I don’t have an Electron, so I have no solid idea :smiley:

  Blynk.begin(auth, BLYNK_IP);

EDIT - Ah, I see you had already caught that change with Blynk.Begin()… missed your post whilst editing mine :wink:

Ahhh I banged my head on that for a while a year ago as it was my original problem. I changed the keep alive to 2 minutes and had been fine ever since. Maybe I’m not connecting to the server. It seems like it’s the only thing left and would block me as you pointed out earlier.

@Gunner you were spot on! Thanks so much for your help. My problem was an auth code mix up I had while working on having an app published by blynk. I was unaware of the blocking by Blynk.begin so my head was not aiming in that direction.

@slimfetz could you please check if it still blocks OTA when you specify a wrong auth token? Please use latest library version. What particle core firmware version do you use?

I am using the newest blynk library 4.7. I removed and added it again to make sure it’s updated, and it will still give me a time out error if I use an auth code that is not valid. I am using particle electron firmware version 6.2 As long as the auth code is for a valid project it will work fine.

Ok, thanks. Electron may be more problematic with this… let us check if we can fix this