[SOLVED] Blynk device stopped working

So, I’ve been running a Blynk/Photon combo for 6 months or so, and it’s been working pretty well, but now it’s not working, the app just says “particle photon is offiline”. Has something changed in the past few weeks that would break my integration?


Hello. Yes. you need to update your Blynk firmware to latest one.

Thanks dmitry, how do I do that?

@jrubins in Photon IDE? Sorry, I don’t have one. Maybe @Pavel can help.

yep, I’m using build.particle.io

Figured it out. Went to my app on build.particle.io, removed the blynk library (this took a couple of tries), saved the firmware, added the blynk library back in, saved again, then flashed the updated firmware. All seems to be working.