[Solved] Blynk cloud server is not accessible


I am new in Blynk and I have a simple blynk project running on WeMos D1 mini. It was running several days but today it has problem to connect to the cloud server. Issue started today at around 9:51 and till now I can’t get it online. All I can see on the serial console is:

Connecting to blynk-cloud.com:8442.

I enabled debug but there is no additional information printed on the serial console. Could it be a problem with cloud server?



Maybe something with wi-fi signal? Router settings changed?

Hmm I can check but Internet seems to work from all my devices and I didn’t touch anything. I have no problem to ping cloud server from PC or Android phone from the same network as WeMos is connected to. Is there a way how to enable more detailed debug information or do something like nslookup/ping from WeMos device?


It is working now. It was caused by wrong DHCP assignment. Thanks.