[SOLVED] Blynk Android Version 2.8.2 Crashing

When trying to modify settings for the menu or terminal widgets on a new project the Android app will crash. I am using a local Blynk Server V22.0. Sliders and buttons are working ok.

I am able to modify the terminal and menu widgets ok on older projects.


Should be fixed - just check latest version in the Google Play - it would be at the same version 2.8.2

Thank you, that was a really quick fix. I can confirm this has been fixed with the update I received this morning.

I have problem with terminal app. Sometimes I find a duplicate output in terminal. To fix It, i have to stop and start my project

What phone model and Blynk app version do you have?

@Eugene I have Hawei Nexus 6P Nougat 7.1.1 and Blynk app 2.8.2