[Solved] Blynk and interrupts

Since my Error LED is always stopping to blink when connecion is lost I was thinking about blinking them via timer interrupt (and some other critical things).

Will this work or will blynk be interrupted and therefore loose connection at each interrupt?

In general, no. But you must understand the interrupts concepts to implement them. It’s not trivial at the beginning.

No it’s not interfering or no its not working since I’ll lose connection?

It depends how you implement it. In general, it should not interfere.

@Gorkde any reason you can’t use Blynk’s recommended SimpleTimer or Ticker?

Because of the disconnect I still get it’s always stopping to blink the LEDs while trying to reconnect when using timer lib

From what I have seen you are still not using the SimpleTimer correctly.
Your last sketch contained delays for the ‘Blink’ effect, this is NOT correct.

With SimpleTimer it is switch on the LED and after X milliseconds turn it off, no delays involved.

Costas the delay I use somtimes is just for testing a bit. I’ll reply to you in the other thread. This answer is done.