[SOLVED] Arduino USB serial

I have read several posts on Arduino USB serial connections I have watched the youtube videos I keep getting DSR is off

Good, then it worked… so what’s wrong then??

Something like this usually means you have used the correct COM port and that the board is connected and all is good (NOTE: you must keep this window open, minimised is OK, the entire time in order to maintain connection):

But if the board is not connected, or wrong port etc, you will get errors something like this:

Thanks Gunner
The number I am getting on the screen is 8443 does that make a difference and on my tablet when I try blinking a led on my tablet i get a message device offline
Thanks oldvolt

That is the port number for various security connection methods http://docs.blynk.cc/#security … 8442 is the general default for the USB link… how did you get 8443?

Are you running USB Script from the Tools menu in the Arduino IDE or manually by clicking on the .BAT (assuming Windows) file in the scripts folder?

Just to say a big THANKYOU to Gunner with Gunner help and patience I can finally switch a led on and off over the internet with usb serial
As a 59 year old I feel like a 5 year old being taken to a toy shop and being told to pick a couple of toy cars that is how happy I feel
Just a general question how many much energy should I start out with before I purchase more
Thanks oldvolt

Your account should start out with 2000 points of energy, and it is all recyclable (with the exception of sharing and home page - which is placing certain widgets outside of the app and on the main home screen of your phone), you just take a widget you are done testing and drag it up to the top where it will show the recycle icon, then you get that energy back. So feel free to use and reuse until you are comfortable to purchase more… it is not very expensive anyhow.