[SOLVED] Arduino is offline with ethernet shield

I have a Ethernet shield in arduino uno
For 2 weeks is been connected but now is offline
On router i see the ip but on App is offline
I have iOS 9.2
Where i wrong?

Here is few steps you can try. Also you may add debug.

Same problem, I’ve investigated a little bit on the question.
I’ve found that the original Genuino/Arduino WiFi shield with integrated antenna is very sensitive to other’s WiFi signals, causing the complete inefficiency of the shield.
I didn’t found no solution for this at this time.

The topic starter is talking about an Ethernet shield, but for Wifi I’d recommend an ESP, much cheaper and way more stable than expensive Arduino shields :wink:

Hello thanks

I tryed with telnet and didn’t work : the problem was on WIFI repeter where i connected the arduino and where there is a ethernet plug . I configurated again this device to open the Blynk port

Thank you