[SOLVED] App (on iPad) not updating in background

Hi all.
I have blynk running on a RPI as local server.
I have a dashboard app running on an ipad.
I am using a nodeMCU to control a nextion touchscreen.
Everything works great so far.
The only issue i have is that if the app is open on the ipad , but has been in the background for more than 5 mins then it does not update with any changes from the hardware.
Less than 5 mins in the background and it updates.
Do you have any pointers on where i should look to fix this problem.

Hello. What widgets do you use and what their settings?

Hi. What is the version of the Blynk app on your iPad?

version 2.9.5(10)

blynk_write to virtual pins linked to led widget on app

Please update it.

Ok i will try that.

Yes that has fixed the problem.
Awesome thanks for quick respone.