[Solved] App crashes on iOS


I’ve been having serious issues opening the app on Apple iOS. All I get to see is the 3 balls moving and after a couple of seconds the project buttons appear on the back with the same 3 balls staying on top moving without access to the panel. The app crashes and closes after a while. At first I thought it was a specific problem with my iPhone 6s but I get the same error on my iPad 3. Both devices have the latest iOS supported on each platform.

Blynk app version: 2.8.2
iPhone IOS: 10.2.1
iPad IOS: 9.3.5

I had to install an android emulator and the app works there without issues.

Is anyone experiencing this?

Please try the following:

  • Remove the app
  • Download the app from the App Store (it should be 2.8.3 version)
  • Login to your account

This will ensure the fresh data is loaded from server.

Does this help?

Yes, the new version helped.

Thank you!