[SOLVED] After iPhone replacement, unable to connect to Particle Core

I’ve had a simple app running on my iphone for 6 months or more with a Particle Core and a relay I use to control my garage door. Last week I destroyed my iphone and had to get a new one and restore from an online backup. Since then my app has not worked as it shows the Particle Core offline.

Am I going to need to refresh the Auth Token to get this working? I can check the Particle Core and see it’s IP address and heartbeat fine. I’m just trying to figure out my next step before I have to get the ladder and get to my Particle Core.

Since your project and the auth code is stored and generated by the server, and could be used across multiple devices, the fact that you needed to replace the iPhone shouldn’t be the issue. Did you allow automatic App updates or was the previous iPhone running a 6 month old version?

Normally all you should have needed to do was reinstall the App and simply log in… everything else should have been there and functioned normally (at least that is how it works on Android).

But if for some reason your existing projects did not show up after logging back in, and you did restore from a QR file then you will probably need to insert the regenerated auth code in the Particle Core. I am guessing it does not support OTA programming?

That’s what I would have expected. My projects were there when I fired up the app and logged in, I just cannot get this project to connect. It always shows the Core offline. I can go the Particle software though and see the IP address of the Core and the heartbeat.

Correct no OTA on the Core.

OK, so you didn’t actually restore a project from a backup… just simply logged in on the new iPhone?

How about the App version… if you suddenly jumped from an much older version to a new one, that may have caused issues.

Sorry, no, I restored the whole phone and just logged in. I believe my app version was up to date before the restore and should be the same version I have now. I’m at 2.9.4 (3).

Can you power cycle the Particle Core?

If that doesn’t resolve it then all I can think is that is is something particular to how Partical stuff works? They do seem a bit unique.

Hmmm, OK I understand now what you meant. You could also try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it… power cycling the phone in between that process might also help.

That’s strange. You don’t have to renew token, Existing one should work. Does your hardware and phone in same network?

Yes, same network.

I’ve reinstalled the app and power cycled the Core and it’s still not connecting. However the Core is making me wonder about it now. I had used it because I had it in my box of stuff and needed to operate a relay, easy enough. I’m thinking now I might just pull it down and replace it.

It just seems odd it stopped responding to Blynk the day I broke and restored my phone.

I replaced the core with an ESP8266 board and it is working great now. Thanks for the assistance.

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