[SOLVED] A Complete Newbie question

Hi I just had an email from Tronixstuff telling me about Blynk which sounded great

I went to the play store and downloaded it to my smartphone
In less than 10 minutes I had my phone switching two relays on and off . The program is great and easy to use
however I dont seem to be able to do what should be the easiest thing of all.

I cant find a way to delete a widget that I put on the screen by mistake , nor can I find a way to delete
a complete project

I did a few test projects to try it out and now I want to delete the old tests but cant find a delete button

How do I do it ?


  1. Stop the dashboard running
  2. press on the widget you want to remove / change its properties
  3. scroll to the bottom and click delete

Edit: For a complete project press the nut next to the play button and the delete option should be at the bottom

Just remember, when you recreate the project it will generate a new Auth token that you will need to update on your devices.

That was great thank you

I couldnt see delete because it was off the bottom of the screen


Me also (I have a Samsung Note2)!

Sorry, i am a very bad newbie and i was probably tired!
I am also French, and not easy with English.
The nut is at the top of the screen, and the dashboard must not be running…