[SOLVED] 8442 : connection problem with ESP8266

I am running a ESP 8266 for 3 weeks now and it is working fine … till yesterday : no data anymore , no buttons working any more .
When I look on the serial monitor i get following:

Does any one have any idea ? I uploaded the code again but same problem .
Regards .


@jes2983 I believe Serial Monitor would give you those results if the app is not running. Are you sure you have pressed the ‘PLAY’ button in the dashboard?

I think you need to update your blynk libraries:

Yesterday I began test Blynk and got the same problem. No connect but got virtual pin value twice and just it.

Hello everybody ,
thanks for advice .
In the mean time I solved the problem .
It was a faulty power supply .
It was a 5v adapter and the blue LED on the ESP was on like it should be .
So I could not see that the problem was the power supply .
After a few hours the LED was out so I could see the problem .
Many thanks .