SOLVED - 2 projects NODEMCU got disconnected at the same time

Hi All

Currently I’m running 2 Blynk projects in my home both are running fine with no issues in code, the problem that I have is that both projects are being disconnected at the same time, so I’m betting that this is an issue with the modem and for some reason the wi-fi signal is not working properly.

Do you know how can I handle this issue or any tip, or maybe how to monitor the wifi signal to see if the is any issues, currently I’m using the Blynk cloud in both projects. I’m planning to move to my own server but for now is not possible. I’m using mac for coding.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Which MCU?

Oh sorry I forgot that both are Nodemcu esp826 V3 Lolin

thanks Costas!

Every 10s, once a month, at 7.53pm every day, randomly at intervals of approx x hours apart?

there is no pattern, I can have both running fine for 2 or 4 days once a month etc…, or it can happen 10 times in one day and then next day 1 time for example. so that is why I’m thinking this can be a wi-fi issue service or a modem issue.

You could add in a Superchart and track RSSI with a timed command like

  Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, WiFi.RSSI()); // RSSI

That might not show much if the issue is sudden. But over time it will show the trend and you can possibly determine if the timing is consistent with signal degradation or anything else.

@ChrisReyna we use Blynk to publish the WiFi signal of one of our ESP’s on a 3rd party public website but only because we can. Like @Gunner said it may not tell you anything and the problem is there are many reasons that could cause the issue.

1. Bad code
2. Bad core
3. Bad library
4. Bad temperature
5. Bad neighbours
6. Bad microwave
7. Bad router
8. Bad power
573 Bad something I forgot to put on the list.

Happy hunting.

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Thanks Guys!!

Related to the first reason @Costas, what would be an code example to have a dropped conexion , I’m trying to figure it out, may be I have same issue in both projects!

Nearly as many coding reasons as dropped WiFi connection reasons:slight_smile:

Division by zero can reset the MCU. I use bugs like that in my code and I believe Blynk had a “zero” issue at one point.

Is it a complex project?


But seriously, the correct way to check, is to post the code here for others to see… better to work from data then simply pull what-ifs out of our :monkey:

It’s less likely to be a code issue if it can run for weeks but it’s still possible.

Hi @Costas @Gunner today I worked on this issue and I already solved, it was more simple that I thought, the issue was the distance from the modem to my both projects, so I relocate the modern and problem solved! from now it’s working fine, I will check the distance recommended so I will have that info for future projects!

Thanks for all your help!

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That would be a good use of the RSSI scan… the closer the number is to 0 the stronger the signal