[Solve] Bug in Widgets settings on blynkApp using local server?

I always set the frequency in “Push” as shown in Fig.1


and when i log out from my project or restart my local server.
The frequency always automatically change to “1 sec” as shown in Fig.2


It’s my problem! my project use less than 1 second frequency around 4 Hz, So, I should change the setting
in many widgets before running the project. Can it fix? This is not critical ! but If it possible to fix, it would be better.
Thank you!

What interval is your hardware’s timer set to push the data to the server?

(250 ms) @Jamin

Is that iOS?

No in your code… what is your SimerTimer set to?

Yes, it’s iOS. @Dmitriy

Is that latest server and latest app version?

blynk lnc version 2.5.6 (iOS), I think it’s the latest app version.
and the server is around 0.18.4. updated for a month @Dmitriy

timer.setInterval(250L, sensor);  
timer.setInterval(5000L, sent2); 

and this is my timersetinterval @Jamin

Thank you! all

So this bug is for graph widget only or for all?

Please do next :

  1. Add widget;
  2. Change to push;
  3. Run project;
  4. Stop project;
  5. Open settings is there still push?

It’s also happen on Value Display and Gauge that i used.

and i did 1-5 , in the end it’s still Push @Dmitriy

sorry @Dmitriy The answer that i told you it’s still push, I was tested only few second!
but when i tested my project about 2-3 minute, It automatically change to 1sec again.

Thank you. We will try to fix it ASAP.

@Dmitriy i found some bug now!
when i add BLT(beta) to the project the problem will happen, Then when i remove it,
It not convert to 1 sec again, Thank you

Oh… This is expected for BLE. It was implemented in that way. @Pavel do you remember why?