SmartConfig Widget like Eventor

I usually use ESP8266 and I have to config the wifi by 3rd app SmartConfig.
So I wish Blynk app have a SmartConfig button (Widget) that when user click it, the form will pop up and user can setup the wifi for the esp.
That’s my idea.
Thank you

They do, it’s called Blynk provisioning. Google for the docs and YouTube video.

I know but this feature needs to create an app like myPlant. It is not embedded in Blynk as a widget.
What we need is simple usage.

Blynk provisioning seems like using wifi manager.
That’s a good way, because some people need both wifi information and blynk auth but it’s too hard to use.
For me, I need provide ssid and password wifi for esp and done. Authkey will get from firebase.
But I have to use the smartconfig application from a third party so it adds unnecessary redundancy.

My idea is smartconfig widget like the Eventor, click it and new page appear to setup wifi.
Hope admin consider this idea.

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