Smart Plug/Switch working offline too

Hi Blynkers, does anyone knows how to use BLYNK+WIFIMANAGER + ESP8266 NODEMCU + RELAY working both, online and offline?
I mean, mostly of smartswitches I saw couldn´t work offline with the physical buttom.
While online everything works fine but there are some issues when:

  1. If I turn on the smart switch with no wifi connection then it doesn´t work with the physical buttom, or if it works, then doesn´t connect automaticly when I turn on the router again.

You have to study the Connection Management section of the docs.

Pro tip: Don’t use Blynk.begin(); to connect. Use the alternative connection method.

Thanks you! It is posible configure Wifi Manager to go Acces Point Mode ONLY is a physipal buttom is pressed? Cause using wifimanager, is I disconnect my wifi network then the system goes as Access Point mode and doesn’t continue runing the local mode (for example to turn on/off a relay with a physical buttom).

Have you seen sonoffboilerplate?

Maybe it’ll suit your needs

the link does not work…

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Thanks, already fixed it