Smart parkinglot

Good morning guys,
I am creating this thread for a reason. I am finishing my 12th grade at the moment and for my final project, I am doing a Smart Parking Lot controled by Arduino UNO. Basicly my doubt is I can’t finish my program. I am using a LDR to count how many cars enter the parking lot, using a barried to open and close the parking space. I will be using LEDs (5 LEDs) to mark their presence in the parking lots (5 Parking Spaces) but I can’t do the program on my own and my teachers can’t really help me with this project since they’re not specialized in Arduino and I don’t really know someone that can help me trough my project. For that matter, I am posting this here searching for help finishing my Arduino code. I can post the one I downloaded from internet, but I can’t really change it since I can’t work with Arduino very well. Can someone help me? I have posted this in many threads searching for help. I can show you guys everything you want so that you can help me. you can contact me via this thread or my e-mail, if you can help me. Thanks for your attention, sincerely yours,
Miguel Costa
skype: Abissum1

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That’s my Arduino project.

Great project. Let’s see how we can help.

What’s the stage of your project? Do you have something ready? Electronics, wiring? How your UNO will be connected to the Internet?

Also, how Blynk will be used?

I made a similar project using Blynk.

You can check it out here -