SMart Belldoor

Hi all
I’m a novice guy in the world of the IOT. I discover arduino and esp 2 weeks ago and now i would undestand something more about Blynk.
To undestand if Blynk is my target i want post an idea about my doorbell hacking.
I would this app

  • mcu1 and mcu2 (ESP is better because is small). Mcu1 connected to my doorbell, mcu2 in another floor. All connected to internet with wifi
  • when someone use the doorbell, the MCU1 sends me a ios notification, and blink a led on the mcu2.
  • mcu2 plays a buzzer.
  • from my iphone i can ring the doorbell and eventually open the door ( i have a relay on that).

Can Blynk is my choice for that?
I undestand that, if i use the same token, i can run the command on different mcu … is it right?, if yes when someone use my doorbell , blynk can send a command to the mcu2 to blink the led and play the sound… i suppose.
But where the mcu1 sends this command? can a blynk mcu use a phisical button (like my door bell)?
Can you give me some info about , or some link on project like this made with blynk?

thanks for the help


What you want is entirely possible. There are several ways to achieve your goals. You can use a physical button to do what you want.

The second MCU can have the same auth token as the first, or not, you can send data to both MCU’s at once or consider them separate entities, so basically anything is possible.


You could turn on the light at the door to when someone rings it!


I’ll definitely gonna make a proof of concept doorbell with an ESP-01 for this project. I already have on in the hallway for my LED strip so this can be added to it I think. Shouldn’t be too hard :slight_smile:

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now i know that it is possible with Blynk, thank you for the reply.
Now i can start to study something, and hope in some help (some link is very usefull) .