Slow android app

This is actually a question about the android app, but couldn’t find the correct category for it. Anyway, I noticed that when running to the cloud server there could be a delay of 10 seconds between pressing a button and something happening on my Arduino with esp8266 wifi.
First I thought it might be the cloud server, so I used the local server. That made no difference. Then I tried the HW instead of SW serial with no avail.
Then I used WireShark on the server PC and I noticed that the messages from the Android app are sometimes delayed by seconds.
Is this something due to TCP nagling in Android or another mechanism in Android that causes this or is it Blynk Android app specific? And is there a way to fix it? I have had that kind of problems before in my own work and then we disabled nagling so the IP stack doesn’t wait to fill up buffers before sending

What device and OS version do you have? Also what internet connection type?

WIN7 and android 5. .And since the messages are very small the might be kept some time in the phone. I see them arriving late on the ethernet of the PC with WireShark… I use a local server with wifi to a local router which will route it to 1 GB port to the PC. It is not the network that buffers these messages for several seconds. If the arrive late it must be because there leave the phone late. But I saw the same effect when using the cloud server and I have a 100mbit/s line in


Hi, could you try this build? Just to check if works for you.

From the name of the apk, it is what I meant, so I will certainly try that this evening. :+1:

I tried it and it works a lot better. sometimes a small hick-up but much better.
However I logged out and couldn’t log in again with the password I used…very strange.Is there a way to reset the password on a local server? It is also quit annoying that the server is changed to the cloud every time something goes wrong to a local server.
But again thanks for the quick response and the tcp_nodelay makes a difference for me on Android 5.0.2 on a Sony Z1 compact

Could you please be more specific, maybe some steps so we could fix that?

Is there a way to reset the password on a local server?

Yes, run on server machine

java -jar admin-0.7.4.jar manualresetpassword newpass

I mean when you type a wrong password or something else goes wrong to the local server the server settings at the login page are set to the cloud again. so you have to type the server address again. Might be nice in the future with a pull down list with used servers

You’re right. You’re first person who mentioned that =). Thank you for reporting. I’ll fix it right now.

Issue fixed. will be available during next update.

great…have not been able to log in anymore with that user it says password changed ok , but when i use it the log says:
User credentials are wrong

had to create a new user

to test the latency I tried to connect with standard app from an android tablet. Can I connect with the same username from a different android device to the server? It seems I cannot login from the device I didn’t create the account on…is that correct?

No. You can use same acc from different devices.

the app on my second android device stays on connecting… and the server log reports: User not logged. / Closing.
from the working app it gets
Incoming LoadProfileMessage{id=2, command=LOAD_PROFILE, length=0, body=’’}

from the one that doesn’t work:
Incoming LoadProfileMessage{id=4, command=LOAD_PROFILE, length=0, body=’’}

Was also able to reproduce once it today. Force close for app. helps.


This one fixed too =). Thanks for reporting!