Slider value display issue with % suffix (on iOS)

Blynk IoT app 3.4.6 (0)
iPadOS 15.7

When using horizontal slider widget with Datastream data type set to “Integer” and Units set to “Percent, %”, I get the following problem:

The number displays fine on startup, but when I change the value by operating the slider, the number displays “3…” rather than “30%”.

I tried this with left and right-alignment of the value and with large and small sliders with same behavior.

I attempted to force system font size to smallest setting, with no benefit.

I have the same display problem on another Datastream when I use the Fahrenheit unit.

@Eugene one for you…


Thanks for the report, we’ll fix.
Note that you could use a separate widget to display datastream value (and fine tune its display).

Thank you. That work-around is fine if I send values while sliding (not on release).

Side note - the “Title (Optional)” placeholder for the horizontal slider is misspelled as “Tite (Optional)”.

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Hello @Eugene,
Has this already been fixed? I faced the same issue on ios.

Hello, @sparks fix hasn’t been released yet