Slider update on changes only?

Is there a hidden setting somewhere that I can tweak so that sliders in the app only update the device only when the setting changes? I have a set of light controls that I want to be able to dim using real-world inputs as well as from the app. The problem is that the sliders apparently send updates continuously when their values != 0
It means that if I turn off the lights using any other control (virtual or real) the lights come right back on.

Actually, it just occurred to me that I might be able to accomplish what I need using virtual input and checking for changed values from the app slider and only updating it myself when the value changes.

I’ll post back if I get this working and hopefully it’ll serve as a resource for the next person.

What’s the update frequency for a slider? It would be nice to be able to change that regardless of my original question

I have only ever used sliders with virtual pins and they don’t appear to do anything if the slider isn’t moved. So even though the value != 0 it doesn’t have any impact.

Are you using digital pins?
What system are you using with Blynk?

This enhancement is planned. It will be really needed for low-bandwidth applications or hardware.

Currently, we send values in a smart way - dynamically changing the rate based on couple of parameters.