Slider settings up to unsigned int value and logarithmic scaling

Actual the max value of slider output is limited to 9999
I would like to have it on unsigned int. value 0 to 65,535
Is this possible ?

Also it would be great to have a logarithmic scale available. (like a Volume control)
With this it would be possible to adjust low values more precise while high values are not so important .

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A crude method would be using map();

map(param.asInt(), 0,9999,0,65535);

Might cause some weirdness and not have the same resolution but it would work.

heh, that is 16bits resolution! :scream: How can you distinguish particular set value on touchscreen? Yet you are able to multiply received value (and do other math) in your code. ah, for example the method that @Jamin had just wrote:)

Yes you are right.
That is the reason while I asked for a logarithmic scale.

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oh, I see… then just try some functions from avr/math.h library and do what you need to.

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