Slider needs debounce? Multiple requests sent

Hello, I made a simple test and found the slider is sending its data multiple times per count - is there any way to debounce this?

Here’s the setup: Make a slider with only two values, 0-1. Hold finger on slider and change value, app will send upon change of value. Now release finger, app will send again. If the slider transitions through multiple regions of the same value, it will also send multiple times.

Hello. Yes and this is correct. What the point to create slider with 0-1 range?

This example is just to show how to reproduce the issue :smile:

This question relates to my other: Selecting one of several routines for the device to run when blinking LED strips.

If the slider sends multiple requests, the blinking starts, stops and starts again.

I think that sending on either value change or fingerup is fine… but no need to 're-send the same value if it was already sent once. Any way to address this virtual bounce?