Slider doesnt display values in mobile device

Sure this must of been mentioned by now but cant find it anywhere.

My sliders do not show values on my mobile device using ios - which is pretty useless!!

Can anyone advise please ?



Hey there,
in the slider settings there’s an option " show value " just enable it

Yes, one of those annoying things that hasn’t been implemented on the horizontal slider in iOS (but it is there for the vertical slider).

You can add a value widget attached to the same datastream, but that’s a bit clunky

@Eugene can you fix this please?


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There aint on iOS !!

That’s actually the typical approach for a good interface design

will do

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Any time scale guys ?

As pete mentioned before, you can add a labeled value widget and a slider and attach both to the same datastream like this

You can use this method as a temporary solution until they fix it.

sure john93 but its a little annoying that it is released and doesnt works as it should - cant believe it works on vertical sliders but not on horizontal!!

I guess they will fix it soon. Be patient :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is by design. We might introduce the value to the slider, however such modular approach creates more flexibility for UI layouts.

but you have it on horizontal slider in web gui and on the verticals sliders in both web and mobile!!

Dont make much sense really ??

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  1. We don’t have vertical sliders in Blynk.Console
  2. Comparing web and mobile UI is not correct. That’s why we went for 2 different dashboards.
  3. Vertical sliders on mobile also should not have values as the real estate is even smaller - maybe something slipped into production. We’ll double check.