Slider Control with Pre-set buttons

I would like to see a widget for a slider control the same as you have already, but with 5 pre-set buttons at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. I would use this widget for control of Venetian blinds so that I could select the angle with the slider or go directly to a pre-set angle. Of course this idea would work with any other servo application or light dimmer type of application.

There will be another widget for that, where you’ll select min/max and step amount

Thanks for the quick reply Pavel,

So that means, with the new widget, the user will step through at the pre-set interval right? Does that mean it cycles through and when it gets to max (100%) it cycles though to min and starts over? Or will it step up and when it gets to max reverse and step down incrementally to min? I think I would prefer the use of 5 user settable pre-sets for ease of use.

It will have the settings to fulfill all the needs :slight_smile:

Thank you Pavel. Looking forward to more widgets. Where can I find an active listing of all widgets available and their cost?