Sketches on multiple devices

Me again!!.

Ok so I have my project that uses various Blynk widgets.

I have three sketches, all the same but obviously with different virtual pin numbers and auth codes.

In Blynk, I have added Tabs and created 3 pages, one for each sketch with the amended virtual pin numbers.

Under project settings I have added all three NodeMCU boards and their subsequent Auth codes.

Now the first one works… but the second which I have just uploaded doesn’t not. It boots and serial prints something that is in the Setup section… but no button pushes on the app sparks anything to run on the second board.

Does anyone have any idea why?

Thanks, Steve

Are you 100% sure that you’ve connected the widgets intended for your second device to the correct device in the app?

The virtual PIN numbers don’t need to be different.


See Peter… this is why you are a legend!! I didn’t even notice that in the settings. Thank you.

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I didn’t know I could keep the same virtual pins either. Great shout!

Streets will be named after him (I hope)! :slight_smile:

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