Sketch builder-> Combo Arduino uno + Esp as Shield

Hi @Dmitriy,
If you use the sketch builder selecting the Arduino uno + Esp as Shield, the sketch suggests 115200 as Baudrate witch is not the best option…

It would be fine if you suggest 9600 for this combo or at least, add a line at the code showing this information.

There’re lots of newbies struggling with this issue adding an Esp as Shield.

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@vshymanskyy WDYT?

@psoro I added your comment to the Report Issues section in GitHub



Strictly speaking, not a problem. Many ESP devices come with 115200 as default speed.
Sketch builder is not an AI-coder, so users will have to adjust the code anyway.

True… perhaps adding commentary referencing best stable BAUD with softserial/Blynk usage is 9600

But this is not true. It depends on the hardware. For some boards 57600 or 38400 may work much better. :joy:

That’s the reason I’m pointing to the old fashion Arduino Uno…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But we are not going to add any fuzzy logic to describe each possible board <> module configuration, as you might imagine :wink:

We can’t edit the commentary in the Sketch builder, but do tire of repeating ourselves in the forum.

So how about just fuzzy suggestions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: UNO and other related boards do not like high BAUD rates when linking an ESP as shield via Software Serial… perhaps due to the frequency of Blynk communication?? That is the common factor, repeating issue, and reason for OP request…

However, we are aware that just like all other nanny state warnings and suggestions… they (sketch commentary) will only apply to those that actually read and abide :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha-ha. No, of course thank you for filing an issue - maybe one day the sketch builder will be revamped with an AI coder… :wink:

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Or me personally (behind the scenes), writing boilerplate code instead of developing new features :joy:

AAI - Artificially Artificial Intelligence :brain::robot:

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Lol, hopefully, newbies will read this post and they will start thinking about changing the Baudrate to 9600… :yum:
Please, 1 like from every newbie reading this post struggling with the Baudrate. :yum:


I’ve got already my first like from a newbie :v:


This newbie looks familiar to me… don’t know why…:rofl:


Fully agree!