Single device multiple users


I understand Blynk dont support multiple users on single HW.
I am trying to create my own by using a Segmented Switch so each user will be identified by different option [1-3]. I want to be able to get a command from the app and by poling the Segmented Switch to get the user ID. I couldn’t find any way to interrogate the Segmented Switch in order to get the user (interrupt will not help in this case since it does not changes often).

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Here is a good example of


can you make use of this somehow?
(when a button is pressed, use the value of the seg-switch to do something)

      case 0: set--;count=1;updateData();break;
      case 1: db--;count=2;updateData();break;
      case 2: low_set--;count=8;updateData();break;
      case 3: if(low_hr==0){low_hr=23;}else{low_hr--;}count=9;updateData();break;
      case 4: high_set--;count=10;updateData();break;
      case 5: if(high_hr==0){high_hr=23;}else{high_hr--;}count=11;updateData();break;
      case 6: if(oper==0){oper=2;}else{oper--;}count=7;updateData();break;

I am guessing the V5 is the seg-switch, if you have multiple users sending info to a single device, how do you know from here who sent the info, the count in your example will change on the HW but the info can come from any device. I need to be able to send a location from multiple phones and to behave based on the phone that the info arrived from.

maybe this might help?

i guess i made some assumptions… like you would have a segment switch… to declare the user-id … and then a button to activate the (lets say led for this example) led.

so…if i was going to turn on the led, i would hit the seg-swtich with my name, then hit the led button…

Hoping im following your attempts correctly.

the caveat is that if i didnt want you to know it was me that turned it on… i could make it appear as if another user-id hit the button.

I am not sure this will help, each mobile phone is updating its own location (unsynced), how can I know who sent which location if they are all running?